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Roundhouse Trackless Train Company
is a small, family owned company started in 2009 after seeing the demand for a fun, safe and somewhat nostalgic train ride that was above and beyond the common "barrel" train. Our goal was to create an attractive and affordable trackless train that was simple to operate, easy to maintain, and fun to run as a small business, event ride, or public attraction.

The first and original Roundhouse Trackless Train circa 2008

Realizing the difficulty in setting up such a large train with all the tracks at every event, I decided to try to duplicate the authenticity of a real train but design it so it could be run on wheels. This greatly improved its ease of use and allowed for simple and quick loading in a trailer for transporting between events. It also meant that the train could be run nearly everywhere as long as it had a good, level surface to drive on.
Edited Image 2016-04-18 12-09-49
Our origins began from my father who built a 1/4 scale, authentic looking rail train to set up and give rides in his local community. Having a passion for all things trains, and an avid model railroader, his train mimicked the classic 1880's style 0-4-0 steam locomotive and even ran on actual rails.
The Roundhouse train has gone through many modifications over the years as we develop and engineer better designs, options and systems. We still continue to make improvements with each train as we learn of better and more reliable methods and components to increase both the durability and attractiveness of the trackless train.
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